Chrysler Town & Country Will Not Start

I have a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country. Every so often, the car will not start. It behaves as though the alarm is activated. The car briefly starts then stops. After 3 or 4 tries the car is completely dead. If the car sits for a few hours, it will start and run fine. I have read several reports of this and the consensus seems to be that the small circuit board on the instrument cluster needs to have the solder reflowed due to cracks in the connections. I removed this board and could not see any cracks. Also, the cars starts fine with the instrument cluster disconnected. Any other suggestions or tech bulletins from Chrysler that might provide a fix?

How does it behave as though the alarm is activated?

Thanks for the response. If I unlock the door from the passenger side, the car will usally start; however, recently this did not work. After sitting overnight, the car started fine.