05 Silverado pulls right when braking



I have an 05 silverado that is pulling hard right when braking. I jacked up the front passenger side and it spins freely. I took the caliper off and pressed pistons back in and pumped the peddal a couple of times to push pistons out and then pressed back in again and reassembled. Drove around the block and same problem.

I did the same thing with the pistons on the drivers side and it fixed the problem for about 200 miles. I have fixed it like this 2 more times but problem returns. I have never seen a caliper go bad and not engaging without seeing brake fluid leaking out of it.

Should I replace the drivers side caliper? Is there something with the ABS pump etc. that could be causing the drivers side caliper to not engage? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The truck should be under warranty let the dealer fix it for free


Went out of warranty 20K miles ago


[b]I believe that the brake system on your vehicle is a diagonal bias instead of a front-to-rear bias.

If that’s the case, I would look at the brake adjustment at the rear of the vehicle oposite of the front brake that’s giving you trouble. Because if the ABS light doesn’t come on, and the primary brake light light doesn’t come on, it has to be a mechanical thing!