2005 Hyundai Accent, no ABS, uneven brake wear and pull during breaking

I have uneven pad wear on the front discs. The passenger side has about 1/8" pad left, while the driver’s side is almost new.

The car pulls to the passenger side on braking.

I’ve had a bad hose on a different car which caused a caliper to lock (and actually lit the pads on fire!), but both calipers are moving when the brakes are applied.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to determine which side and component is defective. It seems to me that a partially blocked hose or iffy caliper on the driver’s (unworn) side could cause it to have low power.

How do I diagnose this?

The slider pins have been properly greased and the calipers are floating freely?

I don’t know about that - but it will not be difficult to check. I didn’t pull everything apart when I had it up in the air because I found a bad half shaft too - I didn’t have anything other than new pads and I didn’t want to tear it down twice.

How would I check that (other than pulling the pins and re-greasing them)?

You can lift the front end and try spinning the wheels. Then have a friend push on the pedal and see if the drivers side still turns. Sounds as if the caliper is stuck on the drivers side, pins frozen, air in the system on drivers side.


How many miles on these brake pads?

Here’s an unscientific idea . . .

Replace both front calipers and hoses . . . it won’t cost an arm and a leg

Replace the brake pads and install a new brake hardware kit (sliders, pins, etc.)

If one caliper and/or hose is faulty, the other might not be in much better shape