Driver front brake caliper slides back and forward with the brake pedal held

My driver side brake caliper slides back and forth like it is not tight blend the brake and had my dad hold the pedal down and can steel move it back and forth

Make,model,year of this vehicule

When was the last time this vehicule had a brake job?

caliper is bolted to caliper bracket but it is free to move in/out slightly. caliper bracket is bolted to knuckle. real thin brake pads can slide a bit. they can even slide out of place. i would look at pad thickness first.

What happens when the wheel is installed with it jacked up, someone steps on the brake and you try rotating the wheel? Does the brake hold it? Is there some symptom that caused you to look at the brake in the first place?

Everything is new on it as far as the abs system goes

It sounds like pressure isn’t reaching the caliper. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to move the caliper at all with the pedal depressed. Has the hydraulic system been opened? There could be air in the line and, depending on the vehicle, a scan tool may be required to properly bleed the system. I’m assuming you have already checked for pinched lines.

Brand new pads

It has the same

The same amount of fluid comes out the bleeders of all four wheels when u bleed the brakes my truck has a 6in lift and the fluid hits the top of the fender well

How long ago did this issue start? Also, do the brakes feel soft or spongy? Sometimes, a caliper is supposed to move back and forth for even brake pad wear, in some cases. Too much movement, or play, indicates a loose or missing caliper bolt that goes into the guide pins on the top of the caliper or the caliper bracket mount. Learnt that the hard way on my dad’s 2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx LS that had 2 missing caliper mounting bolts (loosened themselves and fell off) after doing the rear pads and rotors. Got new ones and the brakes work without issues. Same thing with my mom’s 2007 Chevy Uplander LT on the driver’s side caliper where 1 bolt went missing, and the other wasn’t too far behind.

Check the guide pins on the calipers to make sure they slide back and forth freely and not too rough or completely stuck, check the rubber brake lines for cracks and splits, and check the brake fluid to make sure that there’s sufficient in there as well. Don’t know if this will help or not.