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05 Nissan Altima Stalling when stopped at light

05 Nissan Altima CVT 91k was running great until last week, it stalled while sitting at a traffic light, restarted the engine and ran fine but check engine sign lit up. Today at 60-70 mph engine hesitated once but was noticable, and took 3 cranks to get it to start after re-fuelling. Plugs were replaced at 55k, air filter is clean and was new 4 months ago anyway. Autozone read P0335 and P0725 something about a crankshaft and engine timing sensors? What is the deal and how expensive will it be to fix?

Both codes point to a problem with the crankshaft position sensor. Code P0335 is Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction. Code P0725 is Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction. Which is the crank sensor.

On some vehicles replacing the crankshaft sensor can be difficult because of the position of the crankshaft sensor, and/or it may require a special sockets/extensions in order to remove the fastener for the crank sensor.

I hate the crank sensors that are bolted to the side of the block and have a 100,000 miles on them. And they’re made of plastic.