96 Altima dies on the road

I have a 96 Altima with 160 K.

This morning it started ok. After I drove it for about 1 mile, it started to behave like hiccuping. I pulled over, and it refused to get started. It did started once, but the RPM was really low and the engine was vibrating severely.

I changed the spark plugs, distributor rotor and cap with no help. Later on, it showed a code: P0335 (crankshaft position sensor). I changed the sensor too. But with no help.

Thank you for any suggestions.

You’ve concentrated on the ignition, haven’t you? Did you check for spark at the end of a spark plug wire with the engine cranking?
If the spark has checked ok, it’s time to check for fuel. Since you change parts first, and troubleshoot second, change the fuel filter. What happened?

Changing parts as a diagnostic tool is a perfectly good approach if they are routine maintenance parts (plugs, cap etc.) that are about due anyway.

A fuel filter is a good thought, but fuel filter problems are commonly felt on uphill grades or on acceleration. If it is a fuel delivery problem, I would look at the fuel pump relay and the fuel pressure regulator.

The crank position sensor code may have been an artifact of the engine shaking and sending phantom pulses.

At one mile, you are getting up to normal operating temperature. I would look for a problem related to cold/warm operating modes. My first thought would be the the time/temperature sensor that measures water temperature for the fuel injection system. If it is stuck on, the car will run over-rich as it warms up. Anything that the car needs to run ‘closed loop’ however, is suspect. The mass airflow sensor, all the air tubes between the mass airflow sensor and the throttle (look for cracks), the air temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, etc.

Was the CPS the only code you had? If first guess was correct, the computer may not accurately identify the culprit, but it will give you a code that ‘makes sense’ as what the computer sees as an irregularity due to this problem.

Thank you very much for the reply. Now I remember that I did feel hesitation during acceleration on uphill grades long before this happened. I will check the fuel pump relay and fuel pressure regulator. Could you give me more information about how to check them?