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'05 Altima check engine misfires

For the last few months while I’m driving on the highway my car will misfire and the check engine light comes on. Every time is the same two codes for crankshaft and camshaft sensor failure. I’ve replaced the easier one to get to but it still happens. A friend suggested to clean my spark plugs but was curious if anyone had an insight

Post the actual code numbers that were pulled.

Does the Check Engine light ever flash?


I’m wondering if the timing chain or belt skipped a tooth

If that is the case, replacing the sensors won’t help

Now it does not start on the first try after recently turned off. P0335 P0725. It seems my fuel economy is slowly diminishing. Due to finances, I’m hoping this will be something I can fix myself. Sorry for the late reply! Never received the email saying there was one. Thank you

You may be able to get it done free.

I suspect you replaced the cam sensor. But the problem sensor is usually the crank sensor. Because it gets the most abuse b/c of where it is situated. Good advice by @kinfenimore above, maybe you can get the dealership to replace it for free. If not, that’s still probably the best next step.

Thank you for the help!