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Weird engine vibration on 2001 toyota corolla

I have a 2001 Toyota corolla with 150k. If I rev the engine with the car in neutral and my foot off the clutch, it starts to shake at about 2-2.1k rpm. It will also start to shake at 2.5-2.9k rpm when the car is in gear (I can feel it in any gear but it’s most noticeable in 5th gear on the freeway).

I just replaced the spark plugs (I know, should have done that a while ago…) but it still has the same vibration. I’ll be doing a compression test later today, but I did take a few minutes to check out the motor while the hood was up. I set up a camera and recorded the car from start up and hit 2.1k rpm a few times. The vibration isn’t visible but the engine jumped a little right at start up.

Are the motor mounts bad? I’ve had that same vibration but a lot less intense since I’ve had the car, but it recently got a little worse.

I uploaded the video to youtube. Search “corollaprincess361”

Does the vibration go away if you push in the clutch?
If so it’s not the engine. Maybe the pressure plate or clutch disk is out of balance; a chunk missing.

I believe your engine mounts are bad or a break in the mount-to-engine attachment. At a certain rpm the the lack of damping at the mount sets the engine into a resonance frequency whilst at other rpms the engine shakes some but not quite at that level. Any mechanic should be able to support the engine with a jack and change them one at a time.

I took it in to a shop yesterday and they said the mounts were a little worn. It’s not knocking around yet, though, and the vibration got a little better with new spark plugs (that may just be my imagination, though…)

The vibration is there whether or not the clutch is in, so I don’t think the transmission is bad. No loss of power, either.

Not sure what the compression numbers should be, but the shop said they looked fine.

Any reason why I shouldn’t wait to get the mounts replace if they are just a little worn, but not broken or loose?