05 Kia Sedona engine keeps stalling in motion hear me out

Ok so hear me out. I drive a 05 Kia Sedona mini van. I brought the car used and expected to have a issue or two. The car ran perfectly fine for about 2 months and at the beginning of July I started having issues where I would be driving and the car would just die while in motion the RPMs would just drop and the car would just die and wouldn’t start I’d just have to sit there and wait or jump it. The first time it happened the only light that came on was my windshield washer fluid light. I took it to a shop and they ended up replacing my coil pack and I got a new battery. Wiper light was still on it drove fine for about 2 or 3 days and it stalled out on me again. I took it to a different shop and they told me they could find absolutely nothing wrong my check engine light isn’t even on. I get it back and my wiper light is off and the car was driving flawlessly for the past 2 weeks. Last night I was on my way home and it started to storm I pulled out of the gas station with my wipers on and no sooner then I turned the corner my car stalls out and dies. I get it started after about 10 minutes and drive it down the road and it dies a second time. I had a friend come and jump me when the storm lighted up and it started I start driving and it dies a 3rd time and isn’t taking a jump. I start to call a tow truck to get me the remaining 2 blocks home. I decided to try starting it one last time and it does I hurry up and drive home and dies for a 4th time as I turn on my street I let it coast to my driveway and turn it off (wipers included) it stopped raining at this point and It starts right back up with no problem 3 times in a row and is driving flawlessly now. I know it’s crazy but can my windshield wipers be causing my car to die? side note my wipers get stuck on the windshield if not set to the highest power.

With modern electronics anything seems to be possible. You could try pulling the fuse for your wipers as an experiment, but that fuse might cover other systems. Intermittent problems can be very frustrating.

The tach signal is provided by the crankshaft position sensor.

If for any reason the computer loses the signal from the crankshaft position sensor, the computer doesn’t think the engine is rotating. And when that happens, the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel/ignition systems. So the engine shuts off.


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