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2010 Kia Soul Stalls

Stalls at low revs, { at traffic lights mainly} Yellow engine light comes on and rev counter cuts out. Takes a few turns of the starter to get it going again. When I shut the engine down it will start normally… Whats the problem? Please Lindsay. 93000 Km.

The problem might be with crankshaft position sensor.,2010,soul,2.0l+l4,1444230,ignition,crankshaft+position+sensor,7196

This sensor sends a signal to the computer so the computer knows the crankshaft is rotating. As long as the computer receives a signal from this sensor, the computer will operate the fuel/ignition systems.

This sensor also provides the signal for the tachometer.

So if the tachometer is losing the signal from this sensor, the computer is also losing the signal from this sensor.

And when that happens, the engine shuts off,


Many possibilities for this symptom. Minor problems cropping up often show up first at idle, especially idle in D at a stoplight, and hardly at all when at speed driving down the road. If the idle rpm is too low, that could cause this symptom. In that case it could be the Idle Speed Control Actuator. If you have an engine rpm gauge on your dashboard, monitor what that’s reading just before this happens. Warm engine idle rpm (like when stopped at a stoplight) is usually in the 700-900 rpm range. What rpm is your engine idling?