2007 Kia Sedona Washer Pump Stays On

Purchased a 2007 Kia Sedona EX today for my daughter. Once it got home from the dealership we got washed out! When my daughter started the car the wiper fluid hit the windshield until it was empty and then the pump continued to run. Each time I turned off the ignition and started the van and turned on the wipers (rainy Seattle evening) I could hear the pump continue to run. Finally, I pulled the fuse so the pump would not burn up.

This van is in excellent condition with only 48K miles. Am I in for electrical problems with this van or is this a fluke?

Any guidance is appreciated.

You need a good independent mechanic to sort this out for you. I’m quite sure that the windshield wiper switch (pictured) is the culprit but the vehicle will have to be checked out just to be sure.

I would talk to the dealer you bought it at, more that likely they will repair it at no cost.

It might be something more simple than the WW wiper switch. A mechanic with auto-electric skills should do a diagnosis before considering to replace the WW switch.

You made a good call to remove the fuse in the meantime. If the motor runs constantly like that, especially with the fluid gone, it will burn the pump motor out straight away.

In any event I wouldn’t let this become a show stopper. It’s must a minor problem is all.

I presume you’ve already checked out what Consumer Reports says about this vehicles reliability, right? The newer Kias seem to be rated pretty good, but don’t fare quite as well as Toyotas as they age. But you get a price discount and a feature upgrade with the usually, so it’s just a compromise. I suggest to enjoy your Kia, but first fix the WW problem.

I’ll add if fixing it involves replacing the WW switch, me, being the frugal sort, I might use a less expensive home brew sol’n, like run a wire from the pump and install a separate new switch somewhere down low on the panel.