05 Durango Hemi won't start without pushing on gas pedal


My 05 Dodge Durango Hemi developed a problem about a year ago where it cranks just fine, but will not start without pushing down on the gas pedal. Occasionally it will, but most often not. If I crank too long without pushing, the check engine light comes on and sometimes even the electric bolt light comes on. Both will eventually go out. I have had it in to the Dodge dealer who has replaced the throttle assembly and de-carboned the engine and I have had the plugs and wires replaced. I have also put injector cleaner in the gas. None of this has helped and I am worn out spending money on trying to get it fixed. Otherwise, it runs great. Any other ideas to solve my problem? Thanks!


Just step on the gas and all will be well. It may be the ghost of Chrysler past… Mopar was one of the worst cars to start in the 60s, requiring all manner of trial and error to develope a technique somewhat unique to each car. “Stomp the pedal to the floor and hold it,” “Pump the pedal once, then hold it halfway down,” “Pump it while starting cold but don’t touch that gas for restarting.” I have been tongue lashed by many middle aged women when I was unable to repeat to them the pecular starting procedure for their Mopars.


Does that car idle well? There is an automatic idle speed control on many modern cars, which is supposed to automatically bleed air to control idle speed. When you start the car without touching the throttle, the computer should open the idle speed control a bit to get it started.

And, it should be fast idle when it is cold.

So, I gotta’ wonder if that control is bad – note I am assuming your car has one, which it might not since I don’t know that car.

It is like a little servo motor. Usually when it goes bad, it dies a lot when you let off the throttle, but they do not always act the same.

It could also be stuck in a slightly open position, so once it starts it will run okay, but no fast idle.

Note carefully the tachometer speed after it starts and see if it has a correct fast idle. If not, and assuming it should, try replacing the idle speed control. they are not cheap.


When you step on the gas pedal do you take it to the floor. If this is required to get the engine to start, you probably have a rich condition start. Either the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor is miscalibrated; you have a leaking injector; or the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm is leaking.

When you finally get the engine to start, do you get a cloud of greyish or black smoke out of the tail pipe? Does the engine idle smoothly after a difficult start? Pay attention to the conditions before and after a difficult start and pass as much as you notice on to us.

Hope that helps.


Did you ever get this resolved? Mine does it too occasionally and I beleive it is either a leaky injector(s) or fuel pump.