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'05 Colorado blinker/turn signals don't work

I have an '05 Chevy Colorado and the front turn signals don’t work and no flashers. I’ve tried replacing bulbs and checked the fuses. Looking for anyone who may know what would work. thanks

When you turn the signal on, do you hear the relay clicking? This sounds like a classic example of the relay having gone bad - if it goes, you won’t get the pulsing current necessary to operate the signals.

Good news is that it should be a cheap easy DIY repair - generally around $10 and five-ten minutes of time.

Thanks. Where is the relay located?

I can’t say for certain on your vehicle, but most vehicles I’ve seen have the relay on the driver’s side behind the dash down low - so you have to contort yourself to see it and reach it, but generally you can just reach up from the footwell and grab the old relay, pull it out, and swap the new one in.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll find that GM has combined a bunch of relays into a body control module (or something by a similar name) and that you’ll be looking at a lot more money. Toyota did this and it was the bane of a couple sisters’ existence when they drove their old Corollas. I know its a “simpler” method for the manufacturer, but it turns a $10 part into a $200-300 part REAL fast.