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'05 Cobalt

My son’s 2005 Cobalt has a steering problem. Having no fluid to replace and an electric power steering system I am at a loss of what to do. Sometimes the pwr works and sometimes it doesn’t and he is developing unusually large biceps and deltoids from trying to steer it. I see on the internet that it is a big problem with these cars, but there exists no formal recall.There are Technical Service Bulletins regarding this and the “fix” can cost over 15,000 bucks! My question is:How dangerous or what has to happen before Chevrolet issues a recall on something like this?

“There are Technical Service Bulletins regarding this and the “fix” can cost over 15,000 bucks!”

I’m skeptical of the price. $1500 at a dealer, maybe. You just said that the fix is a new car.

Take it to the dealer for diagnosis and to a couple of independent mechanics, too. Sort through their suggestions and make sure you understand what they recommend. Let us know what they say and we’ll help you work through the issue. Losing power steering at the wrong time can be a safety issue.

I did a web search for the problem and most people are paying about $700 to $750 for a new steering column. You might also look at NHTSA for information. Click on the link below and follow instruction to check out your vehicle or file a complaint.

Thank you and , yes, that WAS a factor of ten typo, I might add! I will check the link and please let us know if anything new as far as recalls comes anytime soon. It definitely IS a safety issue in my own eyes. Think of the ramifications as you are steering into or out of a turn on an icy road or switching lanes across a four-lane highway! I wonder if it is just “good PR” right now for GM to ignore this problem in favor of increased sales in this market. The little car has been just fine for our son, but this steering situation is plain unsafe.

Thanks again. I went to the site you recommended and did file a complaint.I will let you know if anything comes out of this.Drive safely!