04 trailblazer value?

Considering purchasing an O4 TB,Ext LS with 114k, I6 engine.

It needs new tires, battery and 100k maintenance.

No service records, Vin check reveals it was mainly a fleet/rental unit. It was sold at auction after hail damage. Local used car dealer bought it and replaced the hood, DS fender and fixed/painted DS doors and roof.

He is asking $7100 as is, but is willing to do free labor for all the 100k items, parts would be at cost.

Would you consider this a fair deal?



A Trailblazer with 114k miles may be good for another 40/50k miles or on its last legs. It depends on how it was maintained by the previous owners. The fact that it’s being sold “as is” would make me walk away.

Ed B.

Around here that would be a fair price.

Saying it can only go another 50k miles is ridiculous. No one knows how long it will give service before it is economically unfeasible to repair it. The engine in there is a well proven design and known for its longevity. Although the early year TB’s had some bugs they were mainly ironed out by the '04 model year. I spend a lot of time on the TB specific sites as I have an '04 and there is not a prevalence of TBs cr@point out with only 150k on the clock. In fact the opposite is probably more accurate. Mine has 95k and has had no major issues (knock on wood).

It’s worth what a willing buyer and a willing seller agree on.

It is the sales that determine the price published in the books not the other way around.

The fact is was a fleet/rental unit doesn’t put me off much. Some rental and lease cars are maintained better than privately owned cars.

What is a concern is no service history at all. This means you need to gather evidence such as what kind of shape is the air cleaner filter? Total filth isn’t good. How new or old does the oil filter look? How dirty was the oil? If the car dealer has detailed the car and replaced all these things with new oil, filters, etc. then you have even less evidence.

Have an independant mechanic inspect the vehicle. See the report and make an offer if you are interested.