When to buy another car

I have a 2002 trail blazer- 112,000 miles. not a 4 wheel drive, just rear wheel. All the bells and whistles. Like it a lot- but costing me repairs… like a new coil, brakes. I am on my own… and a newly minted senior citizen When should I cut my losses on repair jobs and go buy something a bit newer but used… I could spend not over 9 grand cash for something. Is the Blazer known for doing well into their old age or ?? I am a realtor- need something big enough for passengers… and also like being “up” over traffic for driving… but would consider something with better MPG and good space cargo area… must be 4 door. I do not need such a big car anymore… but… what do you think?

If the Trailblazer still fits your needs, it’s cheapest to keep driving it. Every vehicle will require some repair and maintenance expenses. No reason to think this SUV can’t go 200,000 miles on the original engine and transmission.

I would classify your repairs as maintenance. You will need brakes every 40,000 miles or so, and the ignition coils eventually need to be replaced, too. A 9 year old truck with over 100,000 miles is going to need more maintenance than a newer car or truck. BTW, you could get a 2003/2004 loaded TrailBlazer LT from a dealer for around $9000. That’s basically what you have. I’d just keep driving the one you have now.

Unless you have major repair expenses you didn’t list, I’d keep it.

It’s not the most reliable vehicle at this point, which could be an issue when driving around with clients, but that’s not an issue you can address for $9,000.

Yep, keep it until something big (trans, engine) goes out, or it becomes too unreliable for you. Make sure you keep up the maintenance, will improve the reliability.

I always keep track of cost of repairs. Once the annual cost of repairs gets up near a year’s worth of car payments, I give up on it and get another car. That is of course unless I just get tired of the old car and get rid of it due to changing needs, etc.

I agree. If the body remains rust free, you have two things working for you. It’s 2wd and it’s paid for. Your cost for replacement will far exceed the price of gas savings. Option could be a used Crown Victoria. They are more economical to run and much more comfortable for your realty clients.