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'04 Touareg wheel noise

New tires last summer, paid for tires, mounting, balancing and 4 wheel alignment. This fall heard noise from the front tires, sound became more pronounced about 45 mph. Took it to the dealer who told me that the front tires were cupped. Back to the tire store who replaced the front tires under warranty. Most of the noise was eliminated so back to VW dealer. VW dealer told me that the wheels were not balanced so they did all four wheels with a Hunter road force. Afterwards most of the remaining noise was gone and the vehicle drove much better. Some noise remaining and the dealer recommended replacing the right front bearing. So, they replaced the bearing and they said that the noise was gone but the ABS light came on. So, they replaced the bearing again with the same results. Then they told me that their Touareg technician was off for the holiday and they would ask him to look at it on Monday when he returns.

So far I think that these guys are trustworthy, just don’t have good judgement.

Not sure why they did not tell me to bring it in when their technician was on duty.

At any rate I’m wondering why it’s so difficult to replace a stinking bearing. Could they have damaged a sensor in the process? Any ideas?