04 Sebring - Dash lights turn off



I have a Chrysler Sebring 2004 Convertable. The dash lights (RPM, Speed, Gas, and Temp) randomly shut off while driving. Adjusting the dimmer makes no difference. The Odometer and outside temp display, will blink bright and dim randomly. (though not at the same time as the RPM etc…)

Could this be the lights switch or possibly faulty wiring?


The trouble could be with either the switch or the wiring. Proper testing will show you where the trouble is. I would check the switch first to see if the trouble is with it. Using a test light probe to check for power will help. You could also bypass the switched power to the lights to see if the trouble goes away by eliminating the switch.


Thanks Cougar! I will give that a try soon. (when I get some time of course…)


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