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04 Sable-? oil light occasionally flashes yet oil level is fine?

While driving oil light will pop up briefly. I have checked the oil level and it is good. Should be concerned or should I check into it further. Please help. Thank you!!!

Visually inspect the oil pressure sender for leakage or problem with its wire.
If no leak have oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge.

The problem might be with a faulty the oil pressure switch.

If you don’t hear any unusual engine noises when the light comes on, it points to a bad switch.

These are usually located next to the oil filter, and are inexpensive and easy to replace.


If this is a new problem, it can be simply your oil filter. The next oil change would fix this so if your are due, or close to due, get it done ASAP as it is a problem. If you just had the oil changed and this started right after, take it back and get a new oil filter put on. You may need to add another half quart of oil to make up for the loss, but the filter you got might be defective.

Barring that, then the above advice is good and you should take it.

Just to repeat again, the oil light is for oil pressure not oil level. It has nothing to do with oil level unless the level is almost empty and starving the engine for oil. Always a good idea to check the oil to make sure its still there but yes you need to find out why the light is going on. Faulty sender, faulty oil pump, filter, or worn engine.

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