04 Linclon ls 3.0 P0356

I have in my shop an 04 Linclon LS 3.0L that missfires under load and sets code P0356, I’ve changed out coil & plug, no resolve, wave pattern checked coil, injector,CKP, CMP sensors, all top engine connectors are tight and clean, Got ant ideas, I need some help here from the ford guys

Check all of the coils and plugs. A misfire on another coil will sometimes cause false codes.

I solved a similar problem by going to a salvage yard and pulling a complete set of coil-packs from a 4.6-5.2L V8 and replaced them one at a time until the misfire went away…I had 3 bad ones, after pressure-washing the engine…An expensive lesson.

Do you have a means of performing checks of ignition coil output as indicated by this wikkianswer?: http://www.justanswer.com/questions/g93q-trouble-code-p0356-mean

These coils usually fail with an internal high voltage breakdown. That won’t show up on any resistance measurements. The best way for most mechanics to check the coils is to scope out the primaries. I assume that is what the OP meant by “wave pattern.” Ford recommends a coil stress test. Ford extended the warranty for COPs to 100K miles/10 years on the 2003-2005 V8 LS, but left the V6 out. (The V6’s do seem to have fewer coil failures than the V8s.)

I found this:

Each COP has two wires: A RED/LT GRN one that has switched battery power (VPWR) on it and a second wire that goes to the PCM that, when switched to ground by the PCM, fires the coil. If there is an open circuit (or other circuit fault) anywhere in the COP’s supply or signal wiring or in the COP or its connector, you will get a P035X DTC where “X” is the cylinder that has been identified as having the fault.
check for supply power at the COP’s connector, then perform a continuity check from the other connector pin (ORG/YEL wire) to PCM pin #1. Verify no short to either VPWR or ground exists on that signal line. If the entire circuit is intact with no faults and the COP itself is neither open or shorted on the primary side, then the output driver in the PCM has probably failed.

"If the fault is indeed with #6 (second from front, driver’s side),"
That’s the location for #6 on a V8. The OP is asking about a V6. #6 on the V6 is the last one on the driver’s side.
(3.0L = V6, 3.9L = V8)


Circuitsmith was giving the wrong location for the #6 coil on a V6. The V6 is what the OP is asking about. What’s unclear?

I found that info on a Ford forum.

The principles are right, if not the details.