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Jaguar V-8 misfires under load

I’ve got a 2002 S-Type Jag with the 4.0L V8 with 50,000 miles. The engine has developed a persistent miss in gear at idle and stutters as it goes through the gears. Never had any problems before this. Did add some Sea Foam injector cleaner but this feels like an electrical miss. Sometimes the “check engine” light will flash 3-4 times during acceleration but then turns off completely. Help

Have you changed the plugs lately? Could you have crossed a wire? Sometimes a crossed wire will cause symptoms such as you describe.

Get it scanned for diagnostic trouble codes. If the “Check Engine” light has been coming on, there should be at least one code stored.

The Lincoln LS is well known to have COP (Coil on Plug) failures. Perhaps this applies to the Jag version too? A generic code scanner will capture the misfire code indicating which cylinder. However, it may be the wrong one. It is best to use a specific code reader to get the misfire counts for all cylinders.

Three codes were stored: P0303, P0000, and P0000. The P0303 should indicate a misfire on cylinder #3. From what I’ve read, this is probably the COP. Question is will the Lincoln LS COP work with the Jag V-8? Second, from what I’ve read, the P0000 codes are “reserved”. Should these just be ignored? Thanks.

I don’t think the Lincoln and Jaguar coils are interchangable. Lincoln uses a modified version of the Jaguar block, but the heads and on up are different. I assume the coils are a similar technology, but probably physically different.