04 Linclon #6 misfire

P0356- Traced all wires to pcm, ckd for short or ground, no faults, engine idles fine,power brake it and the misfire appears in #6 and stays there until the engine is restarted,? PCM how to test it before replacement

Have you tried a known good coil-pack?

Why did you start a second thread??

They’re COPs, not coil packs on this car.

Have you scoped out all six of the coils? If your answer is yes, and you have correctly done the other checks that you indicate, then the PCM is the only thing left to blame. I don’t know of any more testing that you can do. Please be aware that if you replace the PCM, you will have to marry the new PCM to the PATS and other modules in the car. Make sure you have the correct equipment to do this with, or you will be towing the customer’s car to a Ford dealer.

What’s unclear is why there are 3 threads running about this car…

Yes, very bad practice.

I’d check the compression on cyl 6 - just to be sure - before going any farther.

Yes, that would cause a misfire, but there’s no way it would result in code P0356. (P0356 is not a misfire code, it is a circuit failure code.)

space out


I was saying - yes, I spaced out - I read the #6 misfire & responses but read straight past the specific report of code - assuming a P0306. My bad.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, crawling back into hole…

Nope - I should have been more clear the first time around - but maybe now we should stop cluttering this thread with irrelevant banter :wink: