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'04 Jetta stalled

My 2004 Jetta with 58.5K miles (bought new) stalled in traffic 3 weeks ago. A few seconds later I turned the key and it started OK- no stalling since. For the last 3+ years I have taken it in for shaking as if the vehicle will stall and sometimes it’s close to that, especially when I come to a stop at the traffic light. This week the rubber thing I think called under tray came down. Also, the clock is off with an hour. This car usually goes to the VW dealer for service.
Any thoughts, please.


Could be a fuel pressure problem

Could be a crank sensor

Time to take it to a shop, I would say

Thanks for thoughts, its scheduled for Fri.

It could also be a bad ignition coil. VW’s were notorious for having faulty ignition coils for several years, and VW had a major recall campaign. Check with your dealer to see if your car was covered by the recall. It’s possible it has a faulty coil that didn’t get replaced.

Correction: it was never an official “recall” campaign per se, but a voluntary replacement program. Here’s more information:

Anyway, I’d bet a dollar your Jetta has a bad coil. Get it replaced by VW if possible.

Three months later minus $1500. Just picked up from dealer. A large vacuum leak from the crankcase breather pipe. Also found oil leak from valve cover. It took years to “diagnose” this problem, but like the guys said on the show, it’s easy to fix something when it’s broken. SO true.