Hatch Door Swap

Hey, I’m doing a hatch and bumper swap. I’m swaping it from a 99 Laredo to a limited. How hard is it to do so? Am i going to have take down the celling liner? And if thats the case, is there a trick of the trade? THANKS in advance.

Here ya go!

*Remove high-center brake light from lift gate.

*Open and support lift gate.

*Remove lift gate trim panel.

*Disconnect and plug the hose for the rear window washer.

*Remove the screws that attach rear wiper and lift gate power lock harness connectors to the lift gate and disconnect the connectors.

*Using the access hole created when the high-center brake light was removed, route the rear window washer hose and the rear lift gate wiring harness/grommets thru the hole and separate from the lift gate.

*Remove the retaining clips that secure the support rods from the ball studs.

*Remove the support rods from the ball studs.

*Remove the bolts that attach the hinges to the lift gate.

*Remove the lift gate from the vehicle.