04 Hyundai Tiburon tachometer and air/fuel ratio gauges

I’m trying to figure out how to hook up theses gauges and most online instructions talk about hooking up the separate wires to different locations but the gauges are only hooked up to a single plug. There is 5 wires that connect to this and these wires go back to 2 different gauges.

No info what-so-ever. You will get no help with no info. Sorry.

I’m wondering if you are looking at a CAN bus connector. On the 4 banger 2.0 L engine , car with the multi-gauge unit (MGU) configuration, there’s a connector (M34 Joint Connector) that appears to have in the neighborhood of 5 wires connected to it, all brown colored. It’s for connecting the MGU CAN buss to the vehicle speed sensor, ECM, data link connector, instrument cluster, and BCM’s CAN buss.

The O2 sensors appear to connect directly to the ECM. You mention an “air/fuel ratio” gauge. Are you referring to the instantaneous miles per gallon display rather than an O2 sensor?