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Gauges Gone Haywire

Driving home my tachometer, speedometer and temp gauge all went. Speend and Tach went to the max and the temp went to “C” All my lights on the gauses work fine the car runs fine. There are no blown fuses and unhooking the battery did nothing. THe speedometer and temp gauges are back to normal.

My guess is a bad ground.  See if you can check with a meter for a bad ground.

Thank you for taking the time. We will try that as soon as I get home, sounds like a good idea, I also see something about an instrument cluster in the previous posts, is that a possibility?

find the main connector under the dash, and wiggle it. Check the battery ground lead. When you disconnected the battery, and then re-connected it, you may have solved part of the problem.

To solve this problem you need to have a very good understanding of how all the components relate to one another. For example you must find out just what is the instrument clusters job and what other modules play a part in delivering data to the driver. You must also find out if this is a common issue with this model and if Nissan has issued a "fix’ as in a module reprogram. You fixing this problem is directly related to how well you learn how the system works, there is much more going on here than just a high side and a low side.

The discription of theory of operation is just what is missing from just about any manual besides the FSM and then the FSM is typicaly brief on theory of operation as the manufacture thinks you should have had the model familarization class before you started working on the car. If all else fails you can ask the parts man.