I have a 93 Chevy truck, has first and second gear but act like it goes in neutral when it hits third. Replaced tranny with one from a junk yard and it does exact same thing. Any ideas?

Does your truck have a “passing gear” linkage. On the models with passing gear this anomaly wil occur if it’s disconnected or missing.

3-4 clutches are such a common failure in these transmissions that it would not surprise me if both transmissions have the same failure. It sounds like the transmission is shifting properly because you are feeling the 1-2 shift and the transmission is actually attempting to shift into 3rd but 3rd is not there hence the neutraling. You might want to think about having the original transmission rebuilt. You can probably get someone to do a basic bench job for $700-$800.


If i get another tranny, is there another type that will work and bolt up?

No. If you have a 93 4L60E, you can only install a 93 or 94 4L60E in its place.