03 Honda Pilot group of electrical issues

Hi everyone,
I just bought a used 03 pilot, 225000km.
There is an odd bunch of electrical issues:

  • DRL fault light sometimes comes on, when it does, passenger side DRL and high beam don’t work, but they work when it’s off. Recently replaced DRL relay under dash. Checked all fuses under hood, cleaned all contacts with electrical contact cleaner, cleaned battery contacts and added dielectric grease. Didn’t test DRL control module under dash. OBD code reader said oxygen sensor, catalytic converter and nothing else.

  • VTM-4 fault light sometimes comes on, when it does, VTM-4 doesn’t work, but works when fault light is off.

  • SRS fault light always on

  • maintenance required light always on

  • side airbag fault light sometimes comes on

  • check engine light sometimes comes on

Old owner put an aftermarket amp/speaker in, splicing in a 30 amp inline fuse to one of the hots from the battery.

What do you think is the solution?

Thank you for your time and help.

Get to an auto parts store and have the codes read, most will do it for free. Post the code # , it will look like P1234.

An 18 year old car is going to have electrical problems, an old car with a hacked speaker system is going to have even more.

I can only hope someone paid you to take the car, you are looking at a lot of work to track the problem and then try to fix it.

You have 2 choices : 1. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on this vehicle 2. Just trade it now ( and hope you don’t lose to much money ) and have the next vehicle inspected by a shop before you buy it.


Third choice, enter it in a destruction derby.


Were you aware of these problems before buying the car?

I’m just asking, because most folks would keep on looking after seeing these sorts of issues…


I wonder if this car was ever in a flood.


First step, remove the wiring for the aftermarket speaker, return it back to the stock configuration. Then either you or your shop does the standard battery/alternator test: Before first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts; then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5-15.5 volts. Post back what you get.