2014 Honda Pilot VTM & CEL

VTM-4 lite and check engine lite on intermittently together, no other problems. VTM lite will go out at next start, and chk eng goes out in 3 days or so, but then a few days later they come back on. Honda Pilot has 61k miles, change then VTM fluid every 30k or so, do to be changed in 12k miles. All fluids normal levels,

When either light is on, take it to the mechanic to read the codes. Or stop by an auto parts store that reads them for free… Autozone, O’Reillly’s ect. Check the website of your local stores to see which will read the codes.

I understand that if the check engine light is on, often the VTM-4 light also comes on. Fix whatever is throwing the CEL and the VTM-4 may fix itself.