03 Eclipse warping sound from front right


I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT that is making me concerned.

When I cruise at 20-40 mph i can hear a fairly consistent warping kind of sound coming from what I think is the right front tire or axle.

It seems to speed up and slow down slightly bases on my speed but isn’t even close to the speed at which the wheel must be spinning. At highway speeds I can’t hear it at all, but I’m sure that is due more to regular road noise than anything else. Also, there is no vibrations or anything at highways speeds but at 20-40 mph I do feel a slight vibration associated with the “wave” or slow role of sound.

It seems slightly louder when I’m turning left or when the car is on a road that slopes to the right (as if it has something to do with pressure applied on that tire/wheel/axle assembly.) My initial fear is a CV joint but also wondering if a bad tire good have these symptoms.

The car only has 38,000 miles, which is why I’m confused - A CV joint failing that soon? The tires aren’t new and I was thinking a tire that is separating might cause this noise too.

Any thoughts?


Yes, you may have a tire separation fault.

Does the vehicle have a tendency to wander?

CV-joints will at times make a low humming sound but as a rule make a clicking noise.


yes - it pulls slightly to the right where the sound is coming from. I was going to have it aligned but maybe replacing the tire would be a better option?


rotate the tires first see if the noise follows or goes away.