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Creaking noise while car is running

Hello! In the last two weeks a noise has developed in my 2003 Mitsu. Eclipse. Whenever I turn, there is a very noticeable creaking noise that sounds like it originates from the front right side. The only other time I experienced a sound like this was when there was a rock stuck in a suspension coil (not this time though). Any ideas about what it could be? It also happens occasionally while driving, more so on rougher roads. This leads me to believe that it has something to do with… suspension? I may be completely wrong though.


Check for tires rubbing on on the inner fender wells. The covers get loose and touch the wheels on corners. Or if it makes the noise at a stop while turning, you can use a rubber hose to isolate the noise. To guess, it is common for a tie rod end to creak.

Or, find a mechanic with a chassis ear. It has head phones any uses clamps to “listen” to different parts of the suspension while driving.

The tires are not rubbing on the fender walls. The creaking is a very heavy clunk when it happens, which now that I think of it would probably have been a better description of the sound in the first post. Any way to do a self-diagnosis at a college dorm to avoid a shop trip?

If you can make the noise standing still you can find the noise. It may take two people, one to bounce the car or turn the wheel and one to listen and feel the part making the noise.

UPDATE: Today I found out that it was the rack and pinion that is making the creaking noise. What could cause this? The fluid is topped off, and the power steering pump is running fine.

How was it determined that the noise originates in the rack? knowing the test performed would help.Has anyone checked TSB’s? this kind of thing could very likely have generated a TSB.

Some Eclipse models before 2003 have issues with noise up front (and even a steering box recall,yes that’s BOX and RECALL) but EBSCO is letting me down with 2003. The steering section of the car is not even listed if I look under “TSB’s and recalls”. It would be odd that they don’t even have a comment about steering in 2003 when in 2001 there were a great many issues, but that is the way the data is listed (or not listed in this case).