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Front wheel drive problems

2001, 5-speed, 6 cylinder, 140K miles. Under acceleration, it feels and sounds like I’m driving over road warning strips. While coasting, it goes away. The CVJ’s and wheel bearings appear to be OK. Could it be the final drive? It happens in all the gears.

The CVJ’s and wheel bearings appear to be OK.

I think it might be a good idea to have them checked.

It is…interesting…or puzzling…or perhaps, suspect that you have the exact same symptoms on both of your cars. I refer to your other thread:

In any event, I agree with Mr. Meehan that the CV joints should definitely be checked–on both your Mitsubishi and your Dodge.

Actually, it’s the same car. The Stratus R/T in 2001 was a modified Mitsi Eclipse, and I frequently have trouble getting parts, etc. I’ve gotten in the habit of using both models when trying to get information. Thanks for the input. I will get them checked out more formally.