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02 Sebring Oil Light at Idle

2 Weeks ago oil light comes on when car is warmed up and at idle. So, have done usual: had oil changed - no resolution, took to dealer had pressure checked and sensor changed - no resolution. Took back to dealer had a resistor wire (basically whole harness changed) as they thought it was a signal problem to the indicator - no resolution. So the only comforting thing is knowing my pressure is good. Unit is sealed well and operating, it’s just unnerving to see the light come on. But as soon as I hit accelerator it goes off. Curious what the problem really is? Thoughts please!

How many miles does the car have on it?
How’s the maintenance history been?

I cannot believe that they didn’t simply T in a parallel line with a seperate gage to verify the pressure before changing the harness. Well, I believe YOU, I just don’t believe THEM.

Loss of pressure at idle is characteristic of a worn engine and also an obstruction in the system, like perhaps a gumped up screen on the pickup tube. The pressure comes from the pump forcing the oil through the spaces between the wear surfaces, forming a pressurized oil barrier. If the spaces wear too big the oil flows through too easily and the pump can’t maintain pressure at idle. Also, if there’s a partial obstruction in the system it may affect the pump’s ability to pump fluid, which will be more pronounced at idle.

T in a gage. See what the actual pressure is.

Also, what engine do you have?