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Oil light @ low revs on '97 Sebring

Frequently, when idling or very slow driving (under 750 rpm), my oil light comes on and only goes off at increased revs (<1000). Oil level OK. Serious problem? Sound expensive to fix?

If there’s no unusual noises coming from the engine when the oil light comes on, the problem is most likely with the oil pressure sending unit. These are inexpensive switches that are screwed into the engine and can be obtained from most parts stores.


I would have the oil pressure checked with a manual oil pressure guage. If fine then its electrical and cheap. If low oil pressure very expensive (more than vehicle worth) to fix.

Even if it IS low oil pressure at idle, this is not necessarily the death knell…Engines can live a long time with this condition, as long as they have normal pressure at higher speed… As Tester suggested, change the oil pressure sensor first…What weight oil are you using?

I agree with andrew. Have the oil pressure tested. From my personal experience if the oil pump is bad its only a matter of time before the engine meets its end which can and probably will happen while you’re driving at high rpms. Get this checked out asap.

If the engine has a lot of miles on it it is probably worn bearings and it could run for years like this.

I too agree with Andrew. Have the oil pressure checked. Low oil pressure at idle is a common symptom of an engine that’s simply worn out. Yours might fit that category.

Post back with what you discover and we’ll offer some ideas.

I agree with the posts above!!