Oil light coming on

I just bought this car a few months ago, Chrysler Sebring LXI 2001, 2.7 engine with 62k miles.

When driving the car it runs fine, however every once in a while when I stop at a red light the oil light will come on. When the light turns green and I start driving again the oil light turns off. It dosn’t seem like its idling low when the oil light turns on. Anyone know what can cuause this or what to look for? Thanks in advance.

I assume that you check the oil dip stick on a regular basis, and thus, have ruled out simply a low oil level in the crankcase. If you have not checked the oil recently, then you need to do so right away, as you could be dangerously low on oil. If you find that the oil level is low, add oil of the proper viscosity right away, and then have the oil changed, as the reduced amount of oil has been working overtime to lubricate and cool the engine, and is now incapable of properly lubricating the engine.

If you rule out a low oil level, then the other possibilities include a bad oil pump and a bad oil pressure sensor. Most likely, it is the latter, but you should really not be running this engine until you know for sure. Get it checked a.s.a.p. before you cause even more damage to the engine.

Some companies will say this may happen to a normal vehicle, but I have not experienced it. Do you know the history of this car? Is the mileage correct, and are you sure? If so, you need to have this checked out as the light will usually go out at fairly low pressure.

I took the car to the local shop and he said he checked out the oil pressure and said it is ok. So I had him throw in a pressure sensor. Even after puting in the new sensor the light still came on. Now the engine light came on. I put in on the scanner and I get p0340 camshaft position circuit malfunction and I also get a pcm conflict, but dont know about that one. Here is where I’m at now, don’t know if the code is something different or could it have anything to do with the oil pressure. Idle seems kind of on the high side about 1,000 in park. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

The 2.7L engine had some problems with oil sludging if the oil was changed frequently enough.
EDIT: if the oil WASN’T changed frequently enough. (Thanks, Bill!)

Sludging if you change the oil too frequently?

A cost effective idea (fast too) – Try some heaver weight oil w/ or w/o some STP or Lucas. Unless ya live where it is bellow zero (F), (and car is outside) you can go w/ higher vis. oil than what you get w/ basic oil change w/o any troubles. If light goes out you may have some extra brg. clearances and car needs extra vis. w/ the oil press and flow you have.A plugged filter or by-pass vlv. trouble is possible. Again, marginally thicker oil may keep light out. Any brg. knock? Don’t sweat it if the "camery crowd’ says that you Must Only use exactly what your hand book says regardless of engine condition, outside temp., driving conditions, et cetera. Hand books tend to be very much dumbed down now days. Ever notice the great many pages needed to say ‘buckle up’? Good luck, idel sounds high.

Who exactly is the “camery crowd”?

They are the people who drive Toyato Camerys (sic)–not to be confused with those who drive a Buick LaSabra, a Subara Impezzza, an Olds Cutless, a Nisson Sentera, a Hyundia Tuscan, a Honda Odissy, etc. There have been posts on this site from people who claim to drive each of these (non) models of cars.

This is going to sound strange, but I have seen it several times, even on new cars…take it to the dealer and make sure you have the right dip stick. Or change the oil and make sure the correct amount was put in. I used to manage a quick lube joint and you would be suprised how many times I saw cars that the dip stick would say overfull when the specified amount of oil was put in and the engine ran. We would get a tech notice on one of these every couple of years.

Yup it just doesn’t fail does it? I thought he was talking about people who love birds…(a.k.a. the Canary crowd :wink: