Lowering a Ford Taurus

I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. I was wanting to drop it a couple of inches. I have a project/expierment. It’s not a S.H.O. Taurus, but I’m converting it to look like for made a SVT Taurus. I know it has McPherson struts but I’ve never messed with them before. Are the springs and strut one piece or can the spring be replaced with aftermarket lowereing springs? Does anyone know of any Ford aftermarket products or websites?

Is a SHO Taurus suspension different than a Taurus GL? I know the springs would be stiffer to support the weight of the V8. Would that be too stiff for my application, even cutting a half ring or two to achieve desired height?

Thank you for your help or tips


I believe the suspensions are pretty much the same. IIRC, the aluminum V8 weighed about the same as the regular cast iron V6. The lower to the ground look was mostly achieved with extra body pieces.

I would seriously suggest you not mess with the McPherson struts. There is an immense amount of energy stored in that spring and unless you know what you’re doing and have all the correct tools, there is a very good chance of seriously injuring or killing yourself if you take them apart or otherwise try to modify them. The best thing to do would be to have a shop that does this sort of thing make you a set of struts that achieve what you’re hoping for.

I will second the risk of messing with struts without the proper equipment.

Did you try searching for a SHO site? Cars like the SHO have knowledgeable forums that may be of help.

Here’s a start:

KYB shocks http://showmetheparts.com/kyb/
Eibach springs: http://eibach.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.exe/07136.5.5925175328800005619

Google TCCA

The Tri-City Christian Academy is not interested in answering questions about how to lower a Taurus!


The V8 used in the SHO was an all-aluminum unit, it didn’t weigh much more than the Vulcan V6. Don’t cut springs, your handling will suffer. I won’t even get into the whole “Trying to make a slow car look fast, even though it’s really not” aspect of your project. It’s one of my pet peeves.

Who said that low rider’s look fast? I’m not sure that this would be a good implementation of a low rider, but many of them are just plain cool. I’m especially fond of the 1940s - 1970s low riders. Just so long as they don’t bounce. That feature detracts from the elegance of the Ride.

The OP says he was going for an SVT Taurus look (I know no such thing exists). But what is SVT best known for? Taking Mustangs,Foci,and F-150s and making them faster. However what the OP is proposing is just lopping of the springs maybe putting in some stiffer struts and hoping for the best. I don’t have a problem with lowering cars. My Mustang is lowered 2 inches, I did it the right way though, I bought some Eibach sportline springs, camber/caster plates, adjustable Koni struts/shocks (yellows), and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar to reduce understeer.

If you’re going to do it, do it right. In this case what he proposes may be safety issue, particularly if the springs he intends to cut are progressive. That could easily lead to a loss of control.

A quick check on tirerack.com shows a listing for Eibach lowering springs (a little over an inch) for a '96 Taurus. This would be the way to go but research the implications of this before you do it. Some FWD cars end up with too much negative camber (usually the rear wheels) that may require a camber kit to achieve a factory alignment - make sure these items are available for your car (according to tirerack they are). If the lowering isn’t too much you may get away with using your stock struts although they may not last as long. I did an H&R spring change on my Acura and although the drop was subtle, I like the way my car looks now. Since I was replacing the springs, I “sprung” for new struts (Bilsteins) and my car rides and handles like a dream! My rear camber is just within specs and my tire wear is excellent (I have almost 25K miles on my 140 treadwear tires and they still look new).

Oh yeah… do NOT cut springs!!!

I guess TCCA is Taurus Car Club of America?

I agree that it should be done correctly if at all.

Thank you ALL for your answers and opinions!! I agree that some cars should not be lowered and I strongly agree that springs should NOT be cut.
My wife and I were at a restaurant in Hays, KS and I seen a factory SVT Contour. I thought it was a cool looking car. I agree that body kits also add to the “lowered look”. I was not planning to cut the springs at all. I have helped my brother lower my of his vehicles, THE CORRECT WAY. He always bought kits. I learned even at 11 years of age the dangers of stored energy springs.
Anytime I brainstorm on a project or a hot rod, I imagine what it would look like if the factory had done it.
I know it’s not a fast car but I like the SVT look, by that I don’t mean completely decked out, and big rims. Basically I would lower it and buy 3 “SVT” emblems. Maybe a SHO body kit.
Thanks again for all your support!

You could go BTCC…like a British Touring Car Mondeo.