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02' corolla errrring

My '02 corolla has recently started making an errrr type sound that is coming from the front center. The noise had recently gotten louder and has since quieted although not gone away. It is directly related to speed but not rpms. I have a feeling its an easy answer but it eludes me.

Changes with speed but not rpm? Could be a wheel bearing or tire noise.

Last week I replaced all four tires and put four new quick struts in. Then I had an alignment done. So it shouldn’t be the tires and I thought wheel bearings made a squeaking noise.

Wheel bearings make a roaring, grinding or rumbling kind of sound that changes with vehicle speed. Not sure if “errrr” is a roar rumble or grind, but maybe.

Thank you for the help. If I were to take out the bearings would there be a visual sign that are worn? If not could I repack them and stop the noise temporarily thus know weather or not they are the source?

The wheel bearings went bad on my 2000 Blazer after 4 new tires were installed. For a long time I thought it was the tires.

Does the pitch/volume of the sound change when the steering wheel is moved off-center (i.e. changing lanes)? If so, it points to bad wheel bearings.

Ed B.

The front wheel bearings are not repackable, they are a sealed unit. Taking them out just to check them is not really feasible. If you go to the trouble to remove them, replace them. And it is highly likely that you will damage them in the process of taking them out.

No the sound is not affected by moving the steering wheel.