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Corolla Tire noise

My '04 Corolla 187k is making a tire noise when I’m driving in a straight line; I’m pretty sure it’s coming from the left front. When I turn even slightly to the left, it goes away. I recently rotated the tire front to back, same side.

Did anything change when you moved it to the back?

When you turn left or right, Did it make any difference with the tyre on the front or back?

Feel around the tyre; do you fell any wavy variations?

How many miles on the tyre? Are all the tyres about the same tread wear and miles?

How about trying it left to right.

Could be a wheel bearing.

It certainly could be a wheel bearing. And although the Corolla has some great qualities sound insulation is not at the top of that list.

I don’t think a tire noise would go away by turning the wheel to the left. I would go with the wheel bearing diagnosis and it could be the right front wheel bearing.

Thanks to everyone who has replied so far. I think it may be the wheel bearing, when I thought about it, I recalled that Corollas seem to have some peculiarity with the wheel bearings. I even believe it was once an answer on Car Talk. I’ll take it in this week. Thanks again.

I would not rule out a c/v joint. Could the sound be described a “clicking”

I took it Toyota. It’s the front left wheel bearing. And I think I’m getting the solid gold replacement bearing for $500! Note to self: find a local mechanic.