'02 Chrsyler Town & Country squealing noise

We own a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country LXi 3.8L V6, approx. 60K miles. In the last several months, it has begun making a medium pitch squeal or squeak lasting one or two seconds at very low speeds (less than ~10 or 15 mph) when starting out in first gear. Initially, it would only emit the noise when making a left hand turn at the same time. Then it started doing it when turning both left and right, and now it is beginning to make the noise even when driving straight, though it still does it mostly when turning. It does not seem to do it in 2nd gear or above, only in first when beginning to accelerate from a stop or a slow roll.

This is not a high-pitched squeal like squeaky brakes or a fan belt. It is more medium pitched like that of squeaky semi-truck brakes, and it only lasts for a few seconds at most. It appears to be coming from the rear of the vehicle and it does not occur after the car gains some speed (~10 ? 15 mph). Our mechanic has not been able to reproduce it (of course!). It does not seem to matter whether the car is warmed up or not.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions of what to have checked out. Thanks!

The van I assume is front wheel drive and not AWD? Does it have rear brake drums or disc brakes? I’l first check the brake hardware there are small clips that prevent the pads from squealing or chattering (if you have disc brakes) I’d also look at the wheel bearings. Make sure every thing spins freely and the brake are not dragging to heavily. Id you have an AWD that opens a whole new can of worms.

Is it possible that the noise is actually coming from the front of the vehicle? (Bear in mind that noises can be transmitted in unusual ways in unit-body vehicles)

Has your mechanic checked the CV joints? While it would be very early for CV joints to fail, this would be one of my prime suspects.

nye_guys: Yes it is front wheel drive with both front and rear disc brakes. They replaced the rear pads and rotors this last time at the shop (when they couldn’t reproduce the squeal), so we’ll see if the noise still occurs.

VDCdriver: I suppose it is possible the noise is actually coming from the front. I’ll have them check the CV joints next time - although don’t those usually emit a clicking/thumping noise if they are going bad? I had these go bad on my '94 accord that way.

Thanks both of you for the suggestions!

Since they replaced the rear brake rotors and pads a week ago, the noise has not re-occurred. Hopefully it will stay that way.