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02 Buick LeSabre Shocks?

When I drove my car this morning, every time I went over a bump, the car bounced much greater than it ever has. It did not continue to bounce after the first bounce, however, it was a significantly greater bounce than usual. I had driven the car just the night before and it had driven normally. The only thing I could notice was that there was a drop in temperature (40 degrees to 29 degrees). But this has never happened before when the temperature drops. Could it be time to change the shocks? Or is it something else.

If you have the original shocks, it’s probably time to change them all. I don’t like to go more than about 75k miles on a set.

Your car might have air shocks in the back, and those can be pricey. I’ve also seen some of the replacement shocks for those be junk- you might be better off specifying the AC Delco replacements (if they are actually air shocks).