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I'm feeling every bump and the car is so bouncy ( overnight)

We just took our car to the shop this week bc it overheated and our radiator was out. So they put in a new one and then it overheated again. We took it back and said the thermostat was bad. Fixed that and that next day we noticed how bouncy our car was and how bad the any little bump was. Now I am assuming shocks but I also become skeptical of mechanics. SO I guess I am asking is it the shocks and can they just go out like that or possibly with the car overheating would that have affected it? It just seems weird since they offered to do something to the car to help there not be bumps. We declined. ( and it wasn’t fixing the shocks )

We can’t tell from here. Find a local mechanic that can be trusted, As friends co-workers etc.

Don’t go to any quick oil change place and avoid dealers are no better or worse than independent mechanics but 95% are more expensive. They have higher overhead.

You need a new mechanic. Their offer to “do something to the car to help there not be bumps” convinces me. I would never go back to that place again. If you take your car there, it’s on you and you can’t complain.

A good mechanic will not just install a new radiator and assume an overheating problem is solved. He or she will make sure the cooling system is working correctly before the car leaves the shop. A thermostat should ALWAYS be replaced with a new radiator. It’s just the right thing to do. Are you sure the radiator was the problem to begin with?

The cooling system has nothing to do with the suspension. Where did you take your car, anyway? We should know so we can warn others.

Don’t assume anything. It may not be the shocks. First, check the air pressure in the tires. If they are over-inflated you will feel every bump. If the tires are correctly inflated there may be another problem, but it’s really unusual for this much of a change to happen overnight.

I suggest you take the car elsewhere for another opinion. Find a good independent mechanic to help you take care of your car. It’s not that hard. Stay away from national chain shops.

Something is very fishy here. Don’t let them take any more of your money. Find out the truth before you agree to any more work.

You did not bother to tell us the model year or the odometer mileage of this Elantra, but if it has a lot of miles on it, simply putting the car on a chassis lift could have overextended the shocks, thus making them useless at this point. This would not be the fault of the shop that did the work, as this is just something that can happen with a car whose shock absorbers have seen a lot of use.

So–yes, it is possible for shocks to “just go out like that”, and I believe that this is what happened to your mystery-vintage car.