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Tire Wobble help

Vehicle: 2013 Nissan Sentra SV

I bought this used car last year. I had a rear wheel bearing go out and replaced it myself, no issues.

Recently, I started getting a similar, but different sound from the front drivers side. I went ahead and replaces the brakes and the front driver wheel bearing. I am an amateur mechanic and struggled some with the front wheel bearing but I felt good about it once complete.

The problem is that I still have a sound. It sounded like a bad tire so I decided to rotate them. While I had the front end up on both sides I put it in drive and if I lay my fingers on the inside of the rim I can clearly feel a bump in the rotation. I’m sure this is my sound. Again, this is now a different tire, wheels straight, tires suspended. I dont hear anything. Steers fine, no noise while driving other than the vibration sound from the wheel which I only hear with windows up. No audible sound with windows down.


What is the mileage?
Based on age, seem to be quite early for the bearings to go, unless you have a substantial mileage.

My wife’s 2013 Sentra started to make “flap-flap-flap” sound when driving, noticeable mostly when decelerating and having windows down. It progressed quite fast into the CVT replacement under warranty, only 42K miles on the car, sold right after getting remanufactured transmission.

Saw a car in the left turn lane next to me with a severely dented aluminum rim, thinking to myself that must be a hell of a ride at interstate speeds.

Test drive a similar car and see if it does it. Could be the way these cars sound.

If you rotated tires and the sound didn’t move, then it isn’t the tires (and/or wheels) - and it doesn’t sound like (Ha, ha ! Get it?) the wheel is the source since you don’t hear it with the windows down.

So I would look elsewhere. I’m guessing CV joints.