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Average muffler temperature?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the average running temperature of an average muffler is? I'm guessing there would be fluctuations but a max at some point?

Just curious....




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    Hot but less hot than a catalytic converter.

    Why do you ask?
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    Airplanes often have exhaust temperature gauges to help the pilot set the fuel/air mix. 1250 to 1400 degrees F is typical. It probably cools off a bit before it reaches the muffler though.
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    I'm planning a little exhaust project, replacing mufflers and will need to put in a 45 degree angle pipe to the new mufflers and on top of the pipe clamps, wanted to seal the connections with has a heat rating of up to 260 C (500 F). Want to make sure it won't melt off...

    I always thought by the time the gases hit the muffler they are much cooler?
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    Is the 1250-1400 for a car or airplanes? I'm only concerned with car mufflers here.
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    If the muffler is at the back of the car, I think you'll have no problem with the 500*F temperature rating.
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    It's for gasoline burning piston four-stroke engines. It's probably the same for piston four-stroke gasoline engines used in cars, boats, tractors, generators, and even airplanes.
    It's the temperature coming right out of exhuat port. It probably cools a bit before it reaches the muffler.
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    I believe the sensors for those systems are right in the exhaust manifolds. The temp goes down quickly as the gases move downstream.
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    Yes they are almost at the rear bumper...thanks NYBo!
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    My guess is that 500F will be OK at the muffler, the exhaust gas temperature at the engine is probably closer to 1000F but it will cool of pretty quickly. If you put your hand behind the tail pipe, it is no where near that hot.
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    260 C (500F) is pretty darn hot - I don't think you'll get that kind of temp at the muffler - the cat converter may get that hot, but that is not all from the exaust temp - it's the catalytic reaction heat. I would be more concerned about it cracking under the mechanical stress of trying to hold an exaust pipe (flexing and vibration). Is QuickSteel indended for structural use? How much elasticity does it have?
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