Red hot tailpipe


what besides clogged exhaust can heat 6 FT of pipe red hot??


Which 6’? Before or after the cat.


I was thinking rat since cats usually clog fan belts!! But really folks, will burnt valves, or a head gasket problem, or anything else cause that??


hes talking about the cateletic converter (spelled wrong) or are you joking?


At this point Mr. Crowbar has “probed” the converter idea and has left an empty shell in his wake!!


An overheated catalytic converter can cause fires. If your gas to air mixture is too rich, the converter acts like an afterburner. My brother-in-law, who is lax on maintenance, burned the carpets in his car this way. In the early days of converters and primitive fuel mixture controls police cars ran without converters since they loved to park on the shoulder and dry grass would routinely ignite. Oil refineries would not let catalytic equipped vehicles on the job site.

You need to have the engine tuned up and otherwise analyzed so that the converter can do its job. I’ve run cars on the original converter for over 350,000 miles without problems, so you likely have air-fuel mixture problems. A single spark plug misfiring can cause the converter and tail pipe to heat up severely.


Bwaaaaahahaha! +1 to you sir.


what? i dont get it


Some ideas:

  • A cylinder that isn’t firing. The gas burns in the pipe.

  • A stuck-open exhaust valve.

  • Nonstandard tailpipe.

  • Kinked pipe.

  • Something in the fuel.


Other things that can cause the header pipe to glow red are retarded ignition timing and a pinched off tail pipe.