No Exhaust

I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla that has no exhaust (at least from the catalytic converter back that is) and no muffler. I have been driving around for about a month (100 miles a day) and am curious am I doing any damage? I have read that the only thing that is affected is that there might be low back pressure (and the fumes are not good for me or the enviroment but I am not doing any damage to my car. Is this true? I would greatly appriciate anybodys input

I have read that no back pressure like that can burn valves. Im sure it varies per type of engine.

Odd, but I tend to agree. The primary purpose of the exhaust system is to muffle the engine noise, and the secondary purpose is to draw fumes away from the occupants. You are already aware of these points so I won’t belabor the issue.

The point about lowered back pressure is a more controversial matter and I cannot comment there. Maybe someone will spank you on this issue. But elsewise I see no damage being done to your car.

Aside from the possible lethal side effects of exhaust fumes entering the passenger cabin, you are probably violating your area’s noise by-laws.

Also, the hot exhaust may be slowly melting/burning brake, fuel, or electrical lines, and could be damaging the floor of the car. Get it fixed pronto.

Your statements are confusing. Clarify: does it have a catalytic converter, or not? If it has a catalytic converter, that will be the biggest cause of back pressure. Either with a cat, or, without, you could run a straight pipe from the exhaust to the rear of the car. A simple straight pipe would be under $20. Of course, this is until you get a “proper” exhaust.

I have to ask; WHY are you doing this? Are you too cheap to fix the exhaust? Do you enjoy the noise? Do you wish to inhale exhaust fumes as you drive? Do you not care about your neighbors? Please explain why you would drive a car in this condition, and why you haven’t been stopped by the police.