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Engine temp winter vs. summer

Since our temps here have gotten warmer and up to around 70 I have noticed that my engines overall constant temp has risen a bit compared to what it was in the winter where the avg temp was in the 20-30’s. It is no where near overheating, but is running a tad warmer, is this normal especially for engines with 130000+ miles on it?

Still nursing the Taurus along?

I don’t notice a difference in the temp guages on my cars but I’m not as focused on them as you are. As long as they are in the middle normal area, that’s all I’m looking for. There could be a slight difference cold to warm weather but I’m not seeing it.

The temperature gauge in all of my vehicles reads the same summer and winter. Engine temperature is controlled by the thermostat, not the weather.

Agree, as long as the gauge does not go out of the normal range, keep on truckiung! To start flushing the cooling system and purging the radiator on a $428 car in in order to make it run like new is “counter-productive”, i.e. a wste of money.

A very sensitive TEMP gauge might show a difference, but there should be little change between season. If it is running a bit warmer, suspect a clogged radiator or a bad thermostat.

It is actually running pretty well. I have a bad egr valve or something but outside of that nothing else. My temp gauge went up to I would say 25% during the winter and now with the warmer weather about up to maybe 40%, not at the halfway point and it does come down when the fans kick on. It does have a new radiator as I had to replace the other one back in November and I am going through about a gallon of antifreeze due to the head gasket every 2 months or so. But it is still getting good gas milage and running smoth.

WOW! I think you hold the record for a post with the most information initaly omitted and then revealed. You ask about temp differences, then get a few responses, then reveal you have a known headgasket issue, shame on you! is the Forum expected to make a record check on stated problem with your car? I am just asking that you give members a fair chance at giving you good advice. You are lucky this Forum is run so 'loose" as this type of information witholding would not go over well on the more “professional” sites.

Get that “whatever” problem with the EGR fixed as it may be adding to your troubles.

My question was just simple, can cars runner warmer in hotter temps then they do during the winter. As for my egr issue I was told not to worry about it as it is not that big of an issue if my state doesn’t do emmission tests.

Haha! And to answer your specific question, yes ambient outside temp can make a difference. Some gauges just seem to be more sensitive than others. As I drive oooold cars, and live in a desert climate (often 110+ degrees in the summer), I keep a constant watch on the temp gauges of my cars. And in nearly all cases there is some difference between summer and winter readings.
So long as your fans are kicking on and doing their job, and the car isn’t overheating, then you shouldn’t worry about it.

A good thermostat should keep the temp the same winter or summer.

A properly operating cooling system will keep the engine temp at just over 200 degrees summer or winter. The T-stat will keep it that hot in winter and the cooling system will keep it that cold in summer. Note that 200+ degrees ia well above ambient air temp in any climate…unless you live on Mars.

But you don’t have a properly operating system. You have a headgasket leak pumping combustion gasses directly into your water jacket at perhaps up to 2000 degrees. Under your circumstances I’d not be surprized to see it running a bit hotter in summer. It has a lot more heat to dissipate than a normal engine. In a normal engine most of that combustion heat goes out the exhaust valves, none directly into the water jacket.

I think you’re fine considering the circumstances.

If the gauge reads the red zone or a red light turns on worry about it. Otherwise drive on.

If that heap causes a freeway traffic jam because it stalls out from overheating would you not feel responsible for everybodys delay? Sure mechanical problems can happen to anyone but you KNOW this car is ready to breakdown.

Your cooling system might be borderline. Clean the bugs out of the front of the radiator with a high pressure washer. That may make a difference or the radiator might be getting a little crusty inside. Nothing to really worry about though.

Keep that beater alive!! Patch that thing with bailing wire and bubble gum if need be. Get the most out of that hulk before sending it to the junkyard. I love beaters. I’m driving my son’s 96 NEON and loving it. I can park my newer jeep.

Reminds me of when I was young foolish and poor. Now I’m older wiser and …well, poor.

Rock on, man!