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Spilled Soda Responsible For Injuries & Damaged Homes

edited September 2011 in Distracted Driving
Another accident caused by distracted driving. Injured two people and nearly destroyed two homes..and it could have been much worse!|topnews|text|Home


  • Time for a federal mandate on better soda cup lids? Seriously, there will never be a law against plain old stupidity.
  • That's crazy, it just goes to show how people can cause a wreck with just about anything.
  • In a city close to my neck of the woods, a PEANUT is being blamed for causing a wreck that sent a semi hurtling over an overpass onto the roadway below. The driver apparently was choking on it and lost control. The truck went over the side and crashed and burned. Fortunately the driver walked away and no one was driving below when it happened.
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