Extreme Distracted Driving


Today I was following a Honda sedan on the 2 lane 35mph road that leads to my street. The single occupant male driver was obeying the speed limit when they disappeared from view obviously trying to retrieve something from the floor. The car was definitely veering right into the 3 foot deep drainage ditch. I took my foot off the accelerator and prepared to brake. At the last instant they popped into view yanking the steering wheel to the left and veering into the thankfully unoccupied oncoming lane. Once straightened out they again disappeared from view. I was then turning left onto my street and have no idea what happened after that. Whatever they dropped on the floor must have been life or death important. There were several places they could have pulled over and safely parked. I’m guessing their “efing” cell phone. Idiots!


@sgtrock21 I am inclined to agree.


Well before cell phones, I was headed south on I 35 going over the river bridge and, as they sometimes do, the cig in my mouth stuck and the fire went in my lap. I did keep my mind on my driving mostly but burned a nice hole in the pants of my new suit. I found a lady who advertised that she “fixed bullet holes” and did a nice reweaving job. Never told anyone though so keep it quiet. There are seemingly life and death situations once in a while though.


Long before cell phones there have been distracted driving. My dad once knocked over a fire hydrant because he dropped his lit cigarette in his lap.

I’ve seen people do the oddest things while driving. Reading the newspaper or a book. Playing the French Horn. Juggling. Eating a bowl of cereal while shifting a manual transmission car, in city traffic. Having sex, just to name a few.

It is a miracle that Darwinism doesn’t cull the herd any more that it has… :grimacing:


At least that incident ended well. I once witnessed a similar episode where a young woman in a Jeep Liberty strayed into the grass median on a four lane road, over-corrected back and forth a few times, and then rolled her vehicle. She was pretty freaked out, but she was uninjured. I didn’t stick around to find out what had distracted her, but I don’t believe she would have rolled her vehicle if it had been a car instead of an SUV. She might have emerged with an undamaged vehicle if she had been driving something that had a lower center of gravity.


My college girlfriend’s roommates’ dad died in a rollover when he reached down to retrieve a CD from his floor board while cruising down the highway. He was ejected and the truck rolled over on him. His wife survived.


Long ago I had a relative drive straight into a construction barrier while trying to straighten out a floor mat.


What about this example: a lorry driver is using his mobile phone while driving on a motorway in Edgware, north London. He is aware that everything is recorded with camera, but he doesn’t care about that. Watch the video and you will be annoyed for sure. I was , for sure. >>>Do not use cell phone while driving