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Distracted driving

is this really anything new? now that we live in a cyber world of texting and gps, i wonder if we’re only more sensitive to such things because they are new to us

as long as i can remember, drivers have been eating while driving, putting on makeup, changing the station, yelling at the kids in the back seat, or just drive like idiots

Someone said for me to hear that driving with kids in the car is equivalent to .06 BAC.

This isn’t really a repair or maintenance question.

There is already a “Distracted Driving” discussion here:

yeah i know there’s a distracted driving section my internet connection went wonky and my post ended up here can’t you just answer my question?

I dunno if it’s trying to be national or local, but there’s a law that’s in the works that when someone is in an accident, they can pull your phone records to see if you were on your phone at the time of the accident. It might make for an interesting situation should a drunk driver and a texter hit each other.