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How often does a timing belt need replaced on 2005 Honday Odyssey

How often does a timing belt need replaced on a 2005 Honday Odyssey Van. I have almost 95000 miles on the van and have not replaced it yet but was wondering what are the suggestions or mileage requirements. Then 2nd question is how much should I expect to pay for the replacement, I undersand at the same time I need to replace the waterpump, other belts and spark plugs just trying to get balpark price.


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    I came up with 60,000
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    Thanks for your help
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    Many manufacturers dont recommend until 80,000-100,000. I found this online. Im sure somebody that actually knows what they're talking about will fill us in
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    I just changed mine at 100,000 in my 2002 Odyssey. The belt was $14.

    You probably won't get out of a Honda dealership for less than $1,000. Shop around, you don't need to go to a dealer for this.

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    It's not just mileage. Belt replacement is also determined by age and since this vehicle was probably built in 2004 this means the belt is at least 6 years old.
    This is an interference fit engine which means that if the belt breaks there will be engine damage.

    Just my opinion, but if I owned a vehicle with an interference fit engine I would err on the side of caution and never allow a belt to exceed 5 years of age. Belts have been known to break long before 5 years and 60k miles on occasion.

    The price will vary greatly depending on the shop and locale. An independent shop on the west coast may be twice as high as a shop in Kansas for instance.
    Wild guessing a bit, figure from around 600 dollars to a grand not including belts and spark plugs.
    Regarding the other belts you should only be charged for the belts, no labor. Those belts have to be removed to do the timing belt so there is labor overlap there.
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    No Offense, But We Should Be Asking You These Questions. What Does The Vehicle's Owner's Manual / Maintenance Information Say ? What Estimates Have Your Mechanic And Or Honda Dealer Given You ?

    If you have no vehicle documents, get them. Follow them. I would just have to believe that if the car has a timing belt then it came with information regarding its replacement interval.

    If you have no trusted repair facility, get one or head to a dealer.

    This makes me wonder if there are other maintenance items you are late on or have neglected. Although it's good that you are at least thinking about maintaining the vehicle (some owners wait til it dies), it would behoove you to take a more active role in vehicle ownership. My recommendation is to get the Honda maintenance schedule and follow it.

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    Do you have an owner's mnanual? You'll find the answer there!
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    If i remember correctly Honda calls for 105,000 miles or 84 months. Most Honda's' require removal of the valve cover. it is also a good idea to consider - water pump - timing belt idler pulley and tensioner. inspect the cam and crankshaft seals, replace as needed.
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    The 105k figure is correct, but the elapsed time factor may not be correct.
    IIRC, the elapsed time factor is shorter, and is likely to be 6 years to 6.5 years.

    In any event, the OP is right on target for the timing belt TO BE replaced very soon.

    However, we are all speculating when the OP should have the ability to answer his question definitively by simply opening his glove compartment, taking out the Owner's Manual (possibly in its original plastic wrapping), and actually reading the maintenance schedule provided by the folks who designed and manufactured the vehicle.

    When reading the maintenance schedule, the OP should take note of the "whichever comes first" proviso for timing belt replacement and for most other maintenance procedures. And, while he is at it, the OP should check to see which other maintenance procedures he may have skipped over the past 5 years or so.

    If the OP does not have an Owner's Manual, then he needs to get one, for fairly obvious reasons.
    A manual can be purchased for a reasonable cost through e-bay, and a free download of the manual from Honda's official website is possible.
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    As noted it is a read the owner's manual issue. The manual should have been in the glove box when you bought the car. If you don't have one, I suggest buying one from the dealer. Read it cover to cover. You are likely to learn a few things about your car you never thought of.
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